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Every year, at the January monthly meeting, members of the chapter will

determine how many scholarships will be funded and the amount of each scholarship.

The Scholarship Committee will consist of four members of Chapter 776, one of

which will be the treasurer.  In the event of a tie vote, the President of the chapter will

cast the deciding vote.

The Scholarship Committee will distribute and receive all scholarship applications.

The Treasurer will issue checks as approved.  The Check(s) will be issued in September.

Consideration for a scholarship will be given to:

  1. Any member of Chapter 776 as well as their spouses, children, widow,

widower, grandchildren, stepchildren, or children-in-law.

  1. Any Vietnam veteran or descendents.
  2. Any Iraqi or Afghan Veteran and descendents to include National

Guard or Reserve members who have been deployed.

Only the students may request an application by contacting a member of the

scholarship committee or a member of Chapter 776.  Scholarship, completed in full

must be submitted to the scholarship committee by March 31st of each award year.

A check for no more than $500 will be awarded to the recipient at our Chapter 776

May meeting.

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