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Chapter 776 Membership Directory

The purpose of this directory is to give members an opportunity to know each other better through a knowledge of what branch of service we served, which unit or ship we served with or on, and what field of operations we where in and when.

This Directory will be up-dated and published once a year in hard copy.  There will not be an Internet publication, and to receive a copy you must be in this Chapter Directory.


Please complete and Submit the form on the right of this page.  Please provide your phone number and email address in case there are any questions regarding your information. Indicate on the form if it is permissible to have your phone and email published in the directory. At some point we would also like to include a picture of each member in this directory to help put a face to the name.

Once submitted, your information will be included in the next revision of the VVA Chapter 776 Membership Directory.

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